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ear nutrition Review

"At the halfway point, you’ve been exposed to new direction, clarity and skill. Despite the thrill-ride that was the debut, FACELIFT are truly pushing their boundaries with album #2. ‘Embrace’ very much does very much that. The band build a layered amalgamation of classic Hardcore infused with the vintage Punk that came before and the more melodic genre-wide styles of what came thereafter, all the while excellently remaining the same band with that best-way-cliche love of Thrash-warped strings." review

"When the sun’s out and I’m feeling carefree I love my ska and pop-punk. When I’m feeling nostalgic and wistful I skew towards Menzingers or emo. When I’ve had three cups of coffee and need an outlet for the nebulous discontentment that silently builds behind the exterior of my stoic demeanor I turn towards hardcore-punk. That’s where I’m at this morning so when a request to check out the debut album from Californian skate-punk/hardcore act Facelift hit my inbox it was perfectly timed. This music is raw. It’s fast as hell. And it’s f’ing pissed off. Oh, and it’s riddled with metallic riff breakdowns which absolutely clinched it for me (give it 2:20 into the album opener to see what I mean)"


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